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Murder in the Corn Maze
by G.A. McKevett

Not too bad. I liked the previous Stella Reid book better but the truth behind these murders was quite heartbreaking. Still got to meet a new character who was fantastic and will hopefully appear in future books.

The Birthday Queen
by Audrey and Don Wood

I liked that all of the guests cheered, "Happy Birthday to you." I liked that the birthday queen was actually the mother and she baked a cake.

What Should Danny Do
by Ganit & Adir Levy

I thought it was silly that I got to choose whether Danny a good or bad choice. I liked helping him make good choices.

The Foolish Tortoise
by Eric Carle

I though it was funny that the turtle was the same color as the grass. I liked when a horse, a hare and a dog were galloping and running through the green grass.

I'm Going to be the Best Ballerina Ever!
by Grace Swanton

I liked her costumes. She had a pretty pink one and a pretty yellow one with a crown and a wand. My favorite part was when the ballerina was dancing on the stage and she was the best ballerina ever.

Mother Bruce
by Ryan T Higgins

I loved the illustrations because they were really cute. My favorite part was when Bruce thought the eggs were just real eggs, but then they hatched into adorable goslings.

Teacher's Pet
by Norman Bridwell

I thought Clifford made a beautiful impression on the ground. Another part was really funny when T-bone was a little scared to roll over.

The Perfect Pet
by Margie Palatini

My favorite two animals in the book was the bunny and the guinea pig, because they are really cute.

Stone Soup
by Marcia Brown

I like that stone soup was so big in the pot that no one could finish it because of the hard stones.

Over in the Meadow
by John Langstaff

My favorite part was that every animal was with their mommy and they were sleeping.
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